Malawi Benfefit Gig

Monday 7th October @ the Masque, Seel Street

Three rooms of northern soul, indie, live bands, live hip hop, house, funk and samba drummers!! All proceeds from the event will go towards the famine crisis in Malawi, southern Africa.

£4 NUS/£5
8pm – 2am
Selected bottles £1, Tequila shots £1
The Front Bar:

Real Elements (hip hop from Malawi), No Fakin: Peter Parker, DJ Illson (4 decks), Kwinzola, Subtub: MC DRS + Strategy, Jiggery Pokery: G-Kut, the Nudge (Grand Central)

The Theatre:

James Holroyd (Bugged Out!), Deval (Spellbound), Tummy Touch: Tutto Matto, Organic Audio, Marc Rowlands, the Carnival Samba School

The Loft:

The Stands, Tramp Attack, The Big Wheels, Former Miss America, Liquidation DJ's and Frat Party DJ's


07813 712 935

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