Indigo Dub On The Tele

Indigo-Dub have signed a licensing agreement with Teenstuff Ltd c/o Animage Films Ltd in London for use of the bands music in a brand new TV series called GirlStuff Boystuff. The program which is currently being shown on YTV in Canada comes from the same makers who brought us The Hoobs and The Zach Files amongst other kids TV programs. GirlStuff BoyStuff is a Canada/Hong Kong/UK Co-production and is a reality based animated series that follows the mishaps and misadventures of a group of young teens.

DECODE Interactive is producing a website which can be found at link that will allow users to build and design their own content. After designing your own identity and room, you can hang out in the GirlStuff BoyStuff dorm, invite friends over to your room or visit rooms created by others. When the site is complete, users will also be able to customize their own animated episodes as well as sample and mix music from the television show!

On top of this, things are finally starting to happen for the dub with radio play on XFM in Dublin and interest from production companies and labels …so watch this space. Don't forget to visit the bands website at link where you can download a back catalogue of the bands MP3's and to hear the newer stuff, you can buy the CD via link. Indigo-Dub's next hometown gig will be in Manchester at Jabez Clegg on Monday 11th Nov. :: link

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