There's been some big news regarding local band 'Iconoclast' over the last few weeks, the well known four piece have now become a five piece with the addition of Ste Hart (no relation to Toe) who will be playing guitar & keyboards. The lads have known Ste for years, John & Jim were in the same class as him in school and they all got into the same music at the same time & formed their first band together. Since then Ste has been learning keyboards and developing a wide range of musical tastes and influences along the way and the lads are very excited about new material.

An announcement from the official Iconoclast website (link) says:

“With Ste's musical talent and song writing abilities, he is perfect for the band”.

ICONOCLAST played a secret gig for GlassWerk at the Masque recently as 'the Sprats' to ease the new recruit into his first Iconoclast live appearance.

Iconoclast have had a monstrous gigging year for an unsigned band and the high demand for them constantly being asking to play places has resulted to them playing nearly a gig a week. The Icons have now been concentrating on rehearsing new material and playing through the older favourites with Ste – they have also recorded ten tracks in their rehearsal room in Crash with the kind help from Kearnsy. The five newest tracks (two are un-gigged; track 1 & 3) have been mastered by Jamesicon & Andy Bower from Imperial studios (in Crash), these songs are currently being pressed for press packs which will be getting sent out to those people who may need one. There are currently no immediate plans to sell the five track demo at gigs or anything yet but discussions will take place soon about that – they will be streamed on several websites too (including GlassWerk).

The listing will be as follows:
1. She's got it all. (Taylor)
2. Heartbeater. (Taylor)
3. Who's to blame? (Taylor)
4. Summer soul (Riley & A.Hart)
5. Only young once. (A.Hart & McKay)

Check the website for more information: link & e-mail the band if you would like to be added to their mailing list: mail

iconoclast website :: link

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