Trilby Interview

I was waiting for about 15 minutes for the lads in their studio at Crash whilst being surrounded by piles of rubbish, dirty cotton buds, fag ends, beer cans and err porn!…yup I had definitely come to interview a rock band! The guys all arrived looking a bit shocked to find me sitting there but strait away their welcoming nature and nice personalities came across. I felt it only right to start off the interview by quizzing the lads over how they managed to get their recent success in supporting Tenacious D at the prestigious Brixton Academy and Glasgow, so Josh kindly filled me in….

“I basically sent a e-mail to the director who done their “tribute” video and I found out he went to L.I.PA and I originally asked if he could do us guys a video and he basically replied saying no chance, however he asked us for a CD and so we sent it and he was nicely surprised and he played it to Tenacious D and they really liked it. Then I found out about the gigs coming up in Brixton and asked if they had a support band sorted yet and their gig booker got in touch and asked if we would like to do it and we were like “Oh my God” .

How did the gig go and were you nervous?

“Yeah completely shitting it before hand especially when we walked around the academy after our sound check, but once we got on stage we were too busy rocking to be nervous”. (Will)

Have you leant anything from the gigs?

“Yup that we ARE one of the greatest bands in the world” (Will)

Who would you guys really like to support?

“There are so many bands we would like to support or meet even but we would want to support a band who's fans we knew would like us so probably Weezer”. (Will) “or Foo Fighters!” (Josh), “actually we would just choose a shit band so we looked better” (Will).

Moving on…I asked the guys about the recent collapse of the record deal with engine records……

” we can't talk about it for legal reasons” Will informs me but then the band turn to fits of laughter “No basically it just didn't happen, no real reasons” (Josh) “yeah but legal reasons sounds more special” (Will)

Do you have any representation right now?

“No not at the moment its all up in the air although we have had some interest from record companies after the Brixton gigs but that was to be expected” (Chris) “Everything is all a bit airy fairy and one minute something happens then the next it doesn't” (Will) “Yup thats the story of our fucking career” (Josh)

A bit harsh I think considering the lads have already done more in their short career than most. But still I decide to ask the guys about the local scene……

Where do you guys feel most at home playing?

“Definitely the Zanzibar it feels more like home than other venues and plus we probably play better there” (Matt) “Yeah we just enjoy it more there than at other venues” (will)

Which local bands do you like?

“The Laiths from the Wirral, because they are so different from what's going on, I mean bands like the Coral from Liverpool are what's stuck in peoples minds and all other local bands are getting ignored and stuff but there are some great bands still out there. I also like Ji”(Chris) “Bands like Pinhole and the Moonies are pretty cool too, we like them” (Josh)

How did you feel about the Picket refusing entry to all the people that didn't have ID that came to see you?

“Really pissed off man” (Matt) “Yeah we stopped playing there years ago but got told it got better and so we decided to try it out but they are still equally as horrible and shitty to you” (Will)

What do you think about sites like Glasswerk that promote local bands?

“I think its a cool idea I mean we check out the sites when we are online which isn't very often” (Chris)

I was quite interested to find out how the band reacted, especially Josh to the comparisons and associations made to the band because of Paul McCartney being Josh's uncle so I decided to ask a bit more about it…….

“It doesn't bother me, people are going to find out and are going to make their own mind up about the situation, I mean it happened when my dad started a band and people don't tend to think you have got where you are off your own merit but I don't care because I got the Tenacious D gigs by myself, when I e-mailed the guy I just gave my name as Josh and he didn't know who I was related to. I mean its all 3rd generation stuff, the music we play is completely different and he (Paul McCartney) doesn't even know much about my band or really heard any of our stuff. (Josh)

I decided to leave all the serious stuff at that and asked the lad a few stupid questions to round the interview off……

Liverpool or Everton?

“Liverpool” they all assure me, except Will…. “Everton, because I was told by a kid when I was younger I should support Everton, so I errrr am!”

Christina or Britney?

“Well Britney may be foxy but she is shit. She does absolutely nothing, whereas Christina rocks! And hangs out with the Foo Fighters” (Will)”Oh I couldn't choose….man!” (Matt)

What does the future hold for Trilby?

“Hahahaha super stardom” (Will)…. “Nah…We don't know really, everything is all up in the air at the moment after the Tenacious D gigs” (Matt) “Hopefully some recording and new tunes” (Josh) ” The rest of the year will be a bit quiet coz the music industry in basically shut down until next year” (Will)

I find out a bit about the lads love life which I'm told is non existent and that they are all indeed very lonely….awwwww….

“We got told though by Paul, a roadie, that we could start going after groupies but then they would probably end up hating the band…so we don't bother” (Will) ” We are all too busy fucking working” (Matt) “Chris does the best with the chicks though” (Will) So I finished my interview with the lads by asking for some last words or quotes… when Josh pipes up to the amusement of his buddies :


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