Acoustic Songwriters Invited to the Cavern

In recent years the back room at Liverpool's Cavern Club has been a venue whose intimate environment has seen many a big name act such as The Animals, Bo Diddley and Paul McCartney deliver a great gig. But The Cavern is also known for giving many local bands a great chance to work up their act with decent stage, sound crew and the chance to get a return on the door sales.

A regular at The Cavern, gigging with various acts including The Flame and the Jak-I dreamcatcher cybershow, songwriter Pete Smith talked to promoter Alec McKechnie about the possibility of making the Cavern more accessible for local acoustic songwriters, allowing them to perform original material in the front room without the need for entry charges or for new writers to feel the pressure of delivering a full 40 minute set, and The Cavern songwriters open mic was born.

” Songwriters open mics are a great chance for new writers to get their material in front of Joe public without the hassle of rehearsing bands and organising gigs. I've played guitar in various bands for many years but I still feel the best feel you get for one of your songs is to strip it back to it's basic instrumentation and try it on a fresh audience”

As the night takes off we will have a featured songwriter/performer each week aswell as Pete's banter providing continuity for the the event.

Thursdays 6:00 till 8:30
The Cavern
Acoustic Songwriters Open Mic hosted by Pete Smith
Free entry (for audience and writers).
Songwriters bring your instrument and two songs.

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