Cream Digital Love @ Nation

Cream, Frantic and Nukleuz are teaming up to present Digital Love @ the Nation, Liverpool on Saturday 8th March. It is featuring perennial big names such as Judge Jules, Lisa Pinup, Paul Maddox and Jon Carter as well as a live set from the Grammy award winning Dirty Vegas.

Paul from Dirty Vegas revealed that they almost missed their name being called out at the Grammy's and “it wasn¹t until our management patted us on the back going 'go on up boys, you're up'. Our record company was just on the phone to us and they¹re saying 'how do you feel about winning a Grammy?' How do you think we feel? You know, six months ago we never even dreamed of being here. Ah, tonight – I'm not going to bed, I am NOT going to bed!” He further added that the highlight of the night was surprisingly “Avril Lavigne, she just patted me on the arm and said – 'Well Done Paul'..I'm not going to wash this top!”

Nic Fanciulli will be performing in Creams Annexe and reminisced about how he used to do the cream thing himself, ” I used to travel up with my Girlfriend a lot to see Oakenfold tear it up in the courtyard.” Seemingly the annexe is the perfect stage for Fanciulli as he commented, ” there aren't a lot of big room clubs left. And with the smaller clubs you get a better intimate atmosphere (and it's more fun to DJ)”.

The mighty Judge Jules himself who describes his music as, “Non genre-specific tunes over 135BPM” and himself as a “Bullshit free zone, hopefully” will also be rearing his head in the first Cream event in Liverpool for a while.

The full line-up is Judge Jules, JFK , DJ Montana, BK, Lisa Pinup, Rob Tissera, Paul Glazby, Nick Sentience , Paul Maddox, Guffy, Dirty Vegas (Live) , Jon Carter , K-Klass (Paul & Russ) , Nic Fanciulli.

Tickets On Sale Now £12 NUS + bf / £15 + bf other.
Info: Tel 0207 299 0950.
Coaches: Event Express: 07976 163 528

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