Pin-Up Girls release US debut EP

Manila's own the Pin-Up Girls have made their American debut with “Taste Test,” a five-track CD EP released on July 22 in the United States. Picked up by the Tacoma, Washington independent label Know-It-All Records in June 2002, the Pin-Up Girls received substantial publicity as the first Philippine-based rock group signed to an actual U.S. label instead of a Japanese-owned company like Sony. The limited edition CD EP will only be available on a temporary basis as Know-It-All Records is preparing to release their full-length American album, “All Seats Are Taken.”

“Taste Test” has already acquired a rave review from veteran Seattle rock critic Edward Wallace. “Fantastic songs,” Wallace stated. The Pin-Up Girls' toe-tapping guitar pop and two-and-three part male and female vocal harmonies were heavily influenced by U.K. New Wave artists such as the Lotus Eaters, Echo & the Bunnymen, and the Railway Children, all of whom were popular in Manila during the '80s.

Copies of “Taste Test” will be sent to the Philippines soon. For now, the Pin-Up Girls is being exposed to the American market, and the advance sales were stunning. “Lazarus, the owner of Know-It-All Records, was taken by surprise; units moved faster than expected, proving that there is a market for Pinoy rock in the U.S.,” the company's A&R Representative Michael Sutton revealed. “Americans want to hear something fresh and new. When Wallace bought his “Taste Test” CD, he wanted 15 more for friends who asked for one. And that's just a small example of the overwhelming response the Pin-Up Girls are receiving in the U.S. Hopefully, the Pin-Up Girls will open doors for Filipino rock & roll musicians who want to succeed in America.”

Pinoy comic-book illustrator Leinil Francis Yu of “X-Men” fame drew the cover of “Taste Test.”
To order “Taste Test,” please send a check or money order for $10 postpaid to:
Know-It-All Records
“Taste Test” CD
P.O. Box 39681
Tacoma, Washington 98439

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