Sandman Magazine expands to Leeds

Sandman Leeds, the new monthly local free music magazine, is launching in Leeds on 30th September. Since September 2002 Sandman has been running in Sheffield covering gigs, news, demos, new releases, specific bands and artists and listings. Written by Sheffield residents and focusing exclusively on music made in Sheffield of all genres the magazine has become an important fixture covering all aspects of musical life in the city. (See link for archives).

We need Leeds music fans to write and photograph for the new magazine – enthusiasm and passion is at least as important as experience – if you're interested please contact Mark Sturdy at mail for more information.

For the front cover of the first magazine we want to get as many people involved in the music scene in Leeds as possible together to the steps of the Town Hall on SATURDAY 13th SEPTEMBER for 2pm. There's never such a thing as a single music scene that unites an entire city but Sandman aims to cover any facet of what exists musically in Leeds and the larger a cross section we can get to the City Hall the more a single snapshot can claim to be, at least, partially, representative. And we can have a pint or two afterwards..

Also we will be looking to review demos by local bands – if you want your band's demo reviewing then please send them to

Sandman Leeds
PO BOX 636
LS22 4ZS


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