The Mighty Saguaro Flex Their Muscles

It's about a feeling, an energy and not giving a fuck about what is 'expected' of a rock n roll band and not taking any shit. It's not about slipping on a haircut and an attitude when it suits us.”

The Mighty Saguaro: Energetic, Powerful, Honest. Songwriters and Skybiters with passion and melody and an off the wall visceral vibrancy to sparkle and fizz at in over and out the most jaded of aural pallets. Mainline, mashtime, moshfine Merseyside prophets of despicably delicious delinquent dirtiness, for whom Rock and Soul and Guitarfuzz deride the archetype and defy the stereotype:

“We don't believe that 'punk rock' means skinheads, Mohicans, and regurgitated ideas from 20 years ago, or a whole bunch of media created bullshit relating to what it is convenient for Daily Mail readers to associate with.”

Having gigged with the likes of Lungfish, Cat on Form, Part Chimp, 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Lapsus Linguae over the last six months, fastfret frenzy beckons for a four-piece whose debut 7” is to be released on the imprint of legendary underground label / promotions collective 50,000 Watts Recordings on OCTOBER 6th 2003.
The vinyl single, ‘Run’, will be available throughout the UK throughout a network of like-minded record shops:

“It’s not about party politics. It’s more about personal politics, love, music, passion for life. It's about pushing forward and doing something that is completely from the heart with 110% passion and soul”

October 6th, Liverpool, The Zanzibar
October 7th, London, Bull & Gate
October 8th, Newport, TJs
October 10th, Oxford, Wheatsheaf
October 16th Brighton, Freebutt
October 24th Northwich, Winnington Rec
October 26th Glasgow, 13th Note Cafe

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