Like a virus eating up its prey spreads further across the country. New music company Glasswerk Media is proud to announce that they will be launching the latest addition to their website link on December the 1st. Yes indeedy that’s right Glasswerk is going to the place where the streets are paved with gold, allegedly, London.

Glasswerk London is yet another regional site as part of the network with the simple mission statement of “Finding and promoting the best new music.” Whatever it is, if it’s cool or not Glasswerk is a symbol of underground grass root promotions. Already covering Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Wales with plans for similar coverage in Birmingham, Sheffield and Bristol it has taken only two years for Glasswerk to rise up and lead the country’s music scene.

The London team is headed up by the new London Editor Alex MacHorton. Alex cut his teeth in the business while in Manchester, opening up the club Jabez Clegg as a live music venue and managing several Manchester bands in the late nineties. Now after returning to his native London, Alex has this to say:

“Few cities can rival Manchester for quality of home-grown music talent, and for the “scene” that has developed in recent years including a close network between artists, venues and promoters. There are hundreds more bands in London, but that network seems to be missing. I am incredibly excited at the prospect of being able to provide a focal point for London music – a place where artists can promote themselves and their work, in the knowledge that they will gain exposure to potential fans, other bands, and the music industry as a whole.”

The London site will be launched on December the 1st with a big shebang. Bands can contact Alex at mail for possible feature and exposure.

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