All Female Band of Swedish Sisters “”CALAISA””

A lot of touring and performing have made the girls grow together with a unique sound and great future. Born and sauna'd in the South of Sweden, Malmo. The girls started playing together whilst studying music at school. The two pair of sisters have been performing since they were kids, taught and encouraged by their parents. They write their own music and love to play live, when they feel emotionally connected to the audience.

With a lot of passion for what they do and believe in, they keep
on no matter what; aiming to reach as many people as possible !!!From the Sauna to the Pool – AND NOW THEY'RE HERE !!!!

They are supported by local three piece rockers “STROBE” and “DIESEL FITTERS”. Strobe were formed a year ago and have played to appreciative audiences throughout the city. They are an
acoustic rock band, with sounds of the Mersey coming through their poppy melodies and tuneful harmonies.
The Diesel Fitters have appeared following 9 months in a studio and a sell out debut appearance, this six piece is a cocktail of trad. folk rock that'll have you Stompin' Bangin' Thumpin' and Gaggin' for more !

Dates are:
Thursday Nov. 6th 9pm POGUE Ma'HONE
Friday Nov. 7th 6pm STAMPS
Saturday Nov. 8th 3pm THE CAVERN
Sunday Nov. 9th 4pm BLUES BAR

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