The Id return ! Saturday @ Korumba, Manchester

Manc experimental electro-noise-rockers, the Id (link), have returned to the UK after their tour and recording schedule in the US. Their new album is soon to be self-released, but catch them live this Saturday, for a one-off FREE show at Korumba as part of the High Voltage (link) night.

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**This Saturday at Korumba, next to Scubar**

All 3 acts are producing genre defying live music, with a strong electronic
presence :

Emmet (*VmanEvents discovery*)- A fusion of dance music wizardry and pure live force. Renouncing the method of DJs 'just playing records' they prefer to create their sound totally live, using a mixture of real time synthesis, sample manipulation, guitars, vocals and explosive live rhythm creation. Their many influences and scrapings with success provide the drive enthusiasm and talent to make Emmet work

SWF (*VmanEvents discovery*) – There's certainly an ambient/trip hop element to SWF's music, which at times is highly reminiscent of Massive Attack and Underworld's seedy and experimental early days. The raspy vocals and subtle bass lines are heavily
prominent and have an intoxicating effect on the listener.

The ID – Stirring up controversy all over Manchester and England, well here's a chance to see what all the fuss is about, as The ID bring their
nasty fusion electro and rock. Comparisons have been made to Smashing Pumpkins, NiN due to their leftfield atmospehrics, and have been described
by your very own High Voltage as an “R n B style Joy Division”.

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