Crackout downloads available before release

Exclusive downloads and artwork of new album to be made available before release!

Punk rockers Crackout prepare to shake some action this winter. Crackout's second LP,”Oh No!” is not released till February but in the interim the band are making some moves of their own. They have decided that they are going to give their fanbase the opportunity to get their hands on some of “Oh No!”
before its release.

The computer savvy can download a track off the album right now, amd on the first Monday of every month a new mp3 complete with artwork will be available from the band's website link .

The tracks will be available at a standard download price of 99p via Credit Card (£1.50 via SMS). Those who download all four tracks will be automatically entered into a special Crackout prize draw.

Full details of the downloads are as follows:

November 3rd 2003: 'Robots Have Feelings'

December 1st 2003: 'Pale'

January 5th 2004: 'Freakin' All Night'

February 2nd 2004: 'Insect Song'

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