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Hmmm. I actually did this interview about 2 months ago but never mind. I have found my notes and the conversation with Chris, bass player with the fabultastic Muse was pleasant enough with no traces of god like ego that you may expect from a band who are now a firm arena filling act.

You have released 3 singles (one an internet available only one) and an album this year but before that you had been pretty quiet. Not even any festival dates.

We wanted to leave the festivals this year as every year we would say “let’s have a break” and then we would be offered this amazing gig which we couldn’t say no to. So this year as we were busy finishing of the album we were able to have a summer off – at least from playing festivals anyway. Also we had this big tour coming up in October anyway so it was good to take the break.

Yeah you are on a big arena tour in October. Do you prefer the big gigs or do you miss the small ones?

Well both big and small gigs are enjoyable for different reasons. Obviously with the small gigs you lose the sweatiness of the atmosphere but you can’t not like playing to thousands. Although, out first big gig was terrifying. It was in Paris supporting the Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters to over 18000 people. We were used to playing in front of 200-300 and suddenly there we where. We are going back to play there again on the European part of the tour which will be strange.

You gave the first single off the new album, Stockholm Syndrome, out for £1 on the internet, is that something you plan to use more of in the future?

Originally we wanted to give it away free but ended up charging £1 for it as a download. It’s a good idea and needs to be looked at closer as you can sell the actual music without all the packaging. So if that’s what people want they can have it and if they want all the artwork (like I would) then they can buy the CD or whatever. We as a band don’t have a problem with people downloading our music; it’s the record companies who do. You should use the internet as a tool, not be afraid of it.

So the big tour starts soon. Are we going to see any smashed drum kits?

Ha. No we don’t do it as much anymore as it just gets to tiring having to fix, repair and buy new gear all the time. We did it on the first albums tour but we had mates from home as our roadies so as good as it was hanging out with your mates, when it came time to fix the equipment they just couldn’t handle it. Nowadays we try and finish the sets with less angry songs as well so we don’t get tempted to trash the gear.

Anything else?
We are really looking forward to playing again. We haven’t played live for over a year – its going to be fun.

You can catch them in the UK (if you’re lucky) at the following dates:

25th November – Glasgow, SECC
27th November – London, Wembley Arena
28th November – Nottingham, Arena
29th November – Manchester, Evening News Arena
1st December – Cardiff, International Arena
3rd December – Birmingham, NEC
4th December – Brighton, Centre
5th December – Bournemouth, International Centre
7th December – Exeter, Westpoint

And there is a review of the new album, Absolution, around here somewhere.

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