Shush – Sheffield's best kept secret

Sticking two fingers up at the large 'Supa Clubs' of the late ninety's.. a new breed of clubbing has arrived!!

Saturday 27th September saw the launch of an exciting new night in the heart of Sheffield set to change the current trend of clubbing and bringing a certain zest back to Sheffield.

Born out of the deep and mysterious free party scene unknown to many, a small group of like-minded individuals had a vision of bringing something back to Sheffield lost amongst the corporate b****cks which is now known as 'clubbing' and to give something back to the people of Sheffield.

After many hours, weeks and months of dreams, partying and tomfoolery, Shush was born!!! Formed by a co-operative of maverick souls, disillusioned with the current club scene within Sheffield, comprising of artists, dj's and party goer's wishing for something more.

Bringing together a vast and diverse spectrum of music and ideas, taking people on a weekly musical voyage, from dirty Breaks to floor shakin' HipHop to heart pounding Drum'n'Bass, unearthly Electrofunk through to Deep Tribal House to Funky Gritty Techno and everything in between..and more !!!

A night based on the music played on the dance floor, not on the bloke in the dj box, our dj's refuse to play the commercial dance, cheesy pop, RnB, or any other genre of music which may be found in most venues on too many nights. At Shush you'll find a party where anything goes…just bring an open mind.

Not having to pay the best part of £15 to get past the front doors to line the pockets of corporate vultures, Shush believes in low cost, good value door entry, a night open to all, your opportunity of enjoyment, not to be limited by the size of your wallet – only by your imagination. However, you may still find some surprises.. Over the next few months, Shush have bookings for dj's as diverse as Jeff Mills and Bentley Rhythm Ace amongst others. But DON'T expect to find their names on the flyers or listings when they're playing, as the crew at Shush are determined that only those loyal partygoers on the night get a payback rather than clubbing tourists whom follow their heroes around from event to event. Even the dj's agencies have been told not to put the listings on their web-sites !!!

Don't let your friends tell you about the party of the week that you missed..hope to see you soon..

Shush.those whose can't hear will feel..

Weekly parties, every Saturday @ .Zero, 10pm-4am, £3 before 11pm and £5 after.

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