Frat Party has moved – get yer kegs else where

The “shimmering pop, hypnotic rhythms & twisted anthems” of Frat Party has moved to a new venue so as to keep its free for all doors open every Friday. Its new home is recently opened club 24/7 at the bottom of Fleet St. Doors are 10pm till late and the door tax is still a ridiculously low £2.

The crowd at a Frat Party is noturiusly eclectic and reflects the music policy of predominently leftfield indie DJs. You can expect to see everyone from the Bandwagon cliques to gothy alternative types maintaing its ethos of being an inclusive non-elitist club.

Theupstairs room at 24/7 hasn't been used for a while so they have a free canvas to create a specific home for the Frat Party.

The Frat Shack (Frat Party's gig sister) will continue in association with some exciting local promoters with a Defcon Christmas special planned for late December. Previous bands appearing on this bill have included Zombina and the Skeletones, Tramp Attack, Guild of Defiants, Fuzz Wah, The Maybes?, Cubical,Rhombus of Doom….the list goes on.

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