Twelve Festival – this Sunday, Dec 7th

Twelve Festival quickly established itself as one of the most innovative, well promoted, diverse new band events in the North after 350 punters stormed through the doors in July.

This Sunday sees the the last Twelve Festival for 2003 and has one of the best, most diverse line-ups to date !

(Dont worry though, 12 will be back on Feb 1st in 2004)

Title: : t w e l v e – Manchester's New Music Festival

NEW FORMULA: less bands, more variety, higher quality. Each event ends with a live electronic artist : 2pm – 11pm.

Sunday Dec 7th – Alternative rock / live Electronica / Stoner / live drum n bass / Jazz / Industrial / Psychadelic / electronic DJs

Venue: JABEZ CLEGG (opposite The Academy), 0161-272-8612, Portsmout St M13 9GB

12″: Hip-hop/breaks/electronica = 12

Thirst: £1.50 pints + £2.50 doubles and mixer = 12


Entry : £4 with flyer (please put a link on your site)

The bands (with links):

Dr Freaks Padded Cell (link) – Recently supported The Fall. An outrageous fusion of music, humour, and electronic anarchy with on stage electrocution and pay as you pray evangelism just a part of this bizarre, sometimes dark, often hilarious freak show. Playing Bhagdad in 2004 at the Anti-Occupation event. (7.30pm)

HOPE DIES LAST – ” are smooth, intense, passionate and full of perfectly formed, often noisy, slightly dark rock tunes… We’ve seen them once and they blew us away – a seriously potentially MASSIVE band… Impeccable, powerful but joyfully disjointed whenever they want it to be. Find of the month.” (link) (6.40)

Chunky – 8-piece old skool soulful, funky, PHAT band. Reminisce about Marvin Gaye and Al Green and get those greens out. (9.10pm)

SWF (link) – imagine a jazzed up Roni Size with live drums, psychadelic vocals and no rigid structure. A plethora of synths and complicated drum patterns but I cant detect any sampling or computer programming. Can you? (8.20)

Novasmoke – Stoner Rock to make yer balls shake. If Q.O.T.S.A only had the tone of “Down” and the hint of “Alice in Chains” in the vocals! Recently supported “The Levellers”, “Orange Goblin” and “Number One Son”. (3.20)

Ayanami – New Urban Industrial / Electronic music to fill the gaping hole of inactivity from bands like The Prodigy and Nine Inch Nails.
“This music belongs on The Matrix soundtrack” – Thump Records USA (5.50)

Karma – unique anthemic soundscapes melding blues and psychedelia together with a real commercial pop sensibility bursting at the seams with power and glory. (2.30)

Rum Jig – Jazzy, Funky, trip-hoppy, drum n bass supporting classic female vocals (5pm)

Not Music – live experimental electronica of the Aphex Twin kind – bastard beat laptop fueled glitchpunk for the bedouin tent bedroom massive (10pm)

Smirk – imagine the sound made if Mike Skinner from The Streets met up with
Queens of the Stone Age and decided to batter Blink 182. Couple this with a questionable sense of fashion and you might have the punk equivalent of The Darkness. (4.10)

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