Internet Radio

Glasswerk has been approached by to have band material played on their internet radio show. We are unable to guarantee that this will be incredibly useful and make a huge difference to your musical careers, but it may be worth a further


We are currently in our pre-launch stage and are now reviewing music from unsigned and limited release (i.e. you might get some local airplay but not widespread) artists for inclusion in our launch playlist.

We aren't soliciting you to buy or pay for anything, we operate in the same manner as terrestrial radio in that we review submitted music and play the best music based solely on its quality.

If you are interested in finding out more or in submitting your material please visit w w w . e o r a d i o . c o m.

Genre Guide: The core genre for eoRadio is commercially bent (ie Alternative, Pop, Modern Rock, Electronica, etc.) however, if your primarily a Folk artist with at least a song or two that might have some crossover potential we're definitely interested. Extreme hard core, punk, jazz, or country without cross over potential is unlikely to fit our current needs.


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