The Band Company – a great year

Glasswerk London would like to take this opportunity to thank The Band Company for their continuing support. Glasswerk London are working with TBC to promote bands of the highest quality Upstairs at the Highbury Garage. The latest of these are listed at link. This is what TBC have been up to…

Some of the events in 2003:

Ø Breakin The City Sept 2003 ( In the City >major Education and live showcase event)

Ø TBA Records > Top 20 UK Unsigned CD, distributed by Virgin megastores

“Steve Lamacq recently told LOGO that we live in times as exciting as 1993, ………. On the evidence of albums such as this it is impossible to disagree with him. There's a revolution coming, and its roots are here.” Logo Magazine June 2003

Ø Over 200 gigs nationwide with partners

Ø Support from The Storm Radio and Logo magazine

Ø Underground Sound II > 74 events in May/June (gigs, tours, demo reviews, seminars)

Ø A series of Live reviews / demo reviews and seminars in several cities

Some events in 2004

Ø BreakinThe City 2004

Ø Network of 15 cities, touring and swapping bands

Ø Diesel U Music Awards

Ø Virgin Student 15 city tour

Ø SIngle releases on TBA records : Jetson February 2004

Ø Turnmills nights (DJs and Bands) Launch with Shaun Ryder and Bez: Feb 5th

Ø New major London nights at Carling Bar Academy

GlasswerkLondon looks forward to continuing to promote bands in London in conjunction with TBA.

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