Debut Single – ‘In The Garden’ – is released 9th February 2004

Guitars, drums, fuzz, beauty, love and the death of love… four undiscovered champion rock n’ rollers straight outta’ the UK of A with California on their minds… an assault on the senses to carry with you whenever you need it…'In an emergency…kickass!'

Noted for their sweat-inducing live shows, this intriguing band are hotly tipped for big things! Described by critics as ‘hypnotic’, ‘relentless’, and ‘exhilarating’, Earth the Californian Love Dream are impressively different. They sound like no-one and have songs that instantly stick, songs that take you places you never knew existed. The live shows are incredibly intense and are nothing short of ‘breathtaking’. Gritty crunching chunks of guitar fury alongside pulsating dirty bass lines and hypnotic melodies leave the audience gasping for air. They release their debut single ‘In The Garden’ on 9th February 2004 and will follow with an album later this year.

Earth the Californian Love Dream are currently based, not in sunny California as you might expect, but in Nottingham… all moving there for creative reasons rather than musical ones… Huw to study art, Sam to study photography, Jonny to study painting and Chris because he heard there were five girls to every guy! It’s a long and winding road which lead them to their present incarnation, but the story goes something like this…

…everyone thought being arty was dull…it was much more fun to see how many pints they could ram down their neck before cranking an amp up really loud and playing in a band to a room full of people… Huw and Chris formed a band called Cursed Earth, which later became Earthlife, while Jonny was in many terrible bands and played drums for absolutely everyone ‘cos that’s what he loves to do…Sam helped put a band together called Friends Of which then became Six By Seven, and then left town to tour the world. Huw, Chris and Jonny then decided to split up their bands, and come together to form ‘Manatee’. They put out a single, and talked for a long time about putting out an album full of beautiful songs. They toured the country, and began jamming with Sam, who joined the band adding a flash of colour to highlight Chris’ blues grind, Huw’s pulsating bass and Jonny’s acidic rhythm. Earth the Californian Love Dream was born. John Peel was sent some of their material, and bigged them up on national radio during ‘One Live in Nottingham’. This lead to a celebrated performance at the Queens of the Stone Age/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club aftershow party at The Social…where their incendiary and quite frankly scarily loud live performance was honed and set for the future, pounding the audience with a relentless lust for squeezing the last bit of life out of rock n roll!

The latter end of 2003 has witnessed giant steps forward for this Nottingham foursome. The final touches have been put to the album which can be described as nothing short of a masterpiece. After an unconventional, but incredible performance at a secret gig at September’s ‘In The City’, Earth the Californian Love Dream were one of the most talked about bands to emerge from the Manchester convention….whipping up a storm of excitement within the music industry. More radio support has followed from the legendary John Peel, amongst others. Now the band have been asked to represent the UK during the British Showcase at South by Southwest in Texas in March 2004.

A heady mix of musical contradictions, Earth the Californian Love Dream sound like Motorhead meets Pink Floyd…like Motorhead meets the Beach Boys…like Motorhead meets the Carpenters…it’s all about sweetness and noise. They confuse, but they please.

“…We make music to affect you. Songs for you to sing that sound as gorgeous as terrifying. We like love and hate wrapped up in a neat little chorus. Our music is the most important thing in the world and we recognise the tragedy and sing about it…” (Huw Costin)

Between them they love Black Sabbath, Pitman, Captain Beefheart, Primal Scream, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Burt Bacharach, Julian Cope, AC/DC, My Bloody Valentine, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Police, Saxon, Joy Division, Motorhead, Hawkwind, The Doors, Loop, ZZ top, Free, Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, Stereolab, Ken Dodd and the Diddymen, The Animals, All Saints, Stone Roses, and Napalm Death.

Expect big, loud, loved up rock n’ roll type things from Earth the Californian Love Dream throughout 2004 and beyond…the debut single ‘In The Garden’ is released in February, UK Tour in January, and an album later in the year…not to mention Texas in March.

Earth the Californian Love Dream are Huw Costin (vocals and bass guitar), Chris Middleton (guitar), Jonny Aitken (drums), and Sam Hempton (guitar).

Debut Single – ‘In The Garden’ – released 9th February 2004


12th January – Cardiff Barfly (headline)
19th January – London Barfly (headline, Carling Sessions Night)
22nd January – Liverpool Barfly (headline, Carling Sessions Night)
30th January – Nottingham Social (home town gig)

photo by Bill Green

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