Fake Death Experience – light hearted ghouls

The most light-hearted, sportive, mirthful, ridiculously fun club night comes skipping into the Heebie Jeebies on Saturday 7th February. Leave your cool, at home, bring £3 and come dance like a maniac love child to the bestest songs ever made til 3am. We will also feast your playlike eyes and ears on at least two of the finest young maverick bands around.

Imagine a twisted shiny children's birthday party where the infants are allowed to drink booze and dance til the early hours and you’re getting close. It’s just a big ol gay party with bubbles, balloons, glitter, love-vibes, party-poppers, movies, cheap boozy-woozy, an exclusive appearance by a complete stranger that you’ll end up really liking and an endless amount of magical energy fruit!!

On Sunday morning we’ve got a crack team of cleaning pixies coming in just to scrape the love off the walls. The atmosphere will be so unpretentiously joyous and magical that we guarantee you’ll be taken back to the first time you discovered your body could perform feats that would change your life forever.

From The Pixies to The Proclaimers, Electric 6 to Erasure, and Wedding Present to Will Smith (we’yo are ya ready fo’ me yet…?), concede defeat, you are a fake. Now, let’s make love.

The Launch Party of The Fake Death Experience is on Sat 7th Feb and is joining forces with 28 Costumes to help launch the Bands 2nd Single and will feature The Cordettes!!!!! 28 Costumes!!! AND…a very very special guest appearance. PUMP IT UP PRINCE!!!

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