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A lot has been goin on at FF Vinyl recently including AMY WADGE being quite rightly nominated for Best Female and under Best Label for the Welsh Music Awards 2003. Although modesty prevents the people over at FF for pleading for you to vote for them, they assure us that they did enjoy the free alcohol supplied last year :-). Find out more at link and…well, have a look for yourself and start some arguments!


Albums are coming out of studios from thier artists at a frightening rate right now. The next release will be The North South Divine a compilation of 12 of the finest pop songs by 12 of the finest and strangest bands hailing from this small country including Texas Radio Band, The Crimea, The Benjamins, Kentucky AFC and many more.

GABRIELLE 25 from North Wales have finished their album, we're listening to it like mad right now and it's gorgeous ! Expect a release in the early Spring and a tour around the UK to coincide.

THE MARTINI HENRY RIFLES are still holed up in London finishing their debut album which will be sharp enough to cut glass at 10 metres and brimming with the art-punk audaciousness we've come to expect from these boys. Live dates in March April across the UK with the album and single to follow.

SQUEEZEBOX are currently in studio writing the follow up to 2003's “Drowning in Shallow Water” and recording should start in March/April 2004. The album has just been released in Japan on partner label Tokyo's King Records link to critical and commercial acclaim. More info at link

THE INTERNATIONAL KARATE PLUS have joined the roster at FF featuring Rich and Mike from our 'first loves' Mo-ho-bish-o-pi and the drumming talent of Chris Sklav this leftfield guitar three piece will start recording their debut album shortly. Expect a single in the very near future to keep everyone happy in the meantime

Apparently there's a lot more in the bag that can't let out right now but as soon as we know, we'll get it all on the website. Also look out for the launch of the Probation Records site in early Feb (home of our new sister label) with news on all the artists including PETE'S SAKE, THE NEXT NINE YEARS, S.K.W.A.D. and others to come.

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