tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE – this Thursday

tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE, returns to Manchester – Thursday 19th February @ Jabez Clegg

Featuring – INDRA, Lisa Brown and Maupa + Club Moose DJs till 2am

Entry – just £3 with a flyer / £4 without

'The Great White Chocolate Debate.'

What side of the fence do you sit on? The latter is probably one of the most important issues within stoner circles across the country.

So picture the setting. A group of students in Manchester, sitting amidst sweet smelling fog and empty Doritos packets begin to discuss the merits and flaws of Milkybars and Dairymilk, certainly, a far more interesting topic than student fees.

As the debate raged on into the early hours of the morning one of the ingenious delegates decided that the issue may only truly be contested by a battle of the bands competition and the final victor would hold the answer.

In front of 350 people over twelve months ago the question was put to the test, but despite the large crowd and an array of talent trying to find the answers, the question still remained – Is dark chocolate better than white?

Fast forward to 2004, little progress has been made in the hunt for an answer – in a similar vain to the WMD/Iraq debate – but something far more exciting has emerged.

On the third Thursday of every month from the 19th February 'The Great White Chocolate Debate' will be held at Jabez Clegg.

The first event features three of the most talked about bands on the Manchester scene. Maupa (link) have recently released their debut album on Neccessary Records – their unique blend of swirling pyschadelia would not be out of place at Glastonbury's Stone Cirlce at 3 in the morning.

Also, Lisa Brown (link) – “the atmospherics of Sigur Ros, the intense lyrical sentiment of Spiritualized and Coldplay's melodic charm” – are receiving constant blessings from Manchester's music press have yet another opportunity to astound us all.

*Vman's Ones to Watch* Indra (link ) are Manchester's most innovative band – their electronic, dark, melancholic yet uplifting sound gives Manchester hope for 2004.

There is more though because once all of the bands have packed up their gear the audience need not jump on a bus and hunt down one of the many average indie discos in town because the Club Moose DJs will have free reign of the decks until two in the morning and anyone who came along to see the bands will gain free admission into the after hours entertainment.

Expect plenty of rock & roll and no indie cheese. Entry only costs £3 with a flyer and £4 without and the added bonus is that there are FREE MILKY BARS on offer. Pints of Carling are £1.50 and any double with a mixer is available for a mere £2.50. Doors are at 8pm.

Although we may not find an answer to one of life's most important questions – Is dark chocolate better than white? – It will definitely be a riot!

PS. March 18th's event features Kaiser Chiefs , Change the Channel and Fraction.

And on March 26th there is a GWCD special with Distophia.

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