Thats Not Skanking Fanzine

The Thats Not Skanking fanzine are compiling a compilation CD of unsigned punk, hardcore, emo and rock bands. The fanzine goes out to at least 250 people so its a good chance to get music heard. Bands will also be provided with a master copy, which can be copied and distributed as they please (they could even sell it). This will mean that whilst promoting themselves they will be promoting the other bands and vice-versa.We plan to put on some gigs topromote the CD and the fanzine but it also puts bands in touch with each other so they can sort out gig sharing.

Each band is being asked to contribute to cover recording costs but the fanzine and CD will be free so there is no profit making on our behalf.If you are in a band and are interested in contributing a track send CDs to:
Andy, 2004 City Central, Victoria Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 5AS
email: mail for more info.

The closing date is 1st March.

The current issue is available for free at Piccadilly Records, Manchester or by sending a SAE to the above address. It also includes a free McGraw CD. Mcgraw tracks can be downloaded for free at link

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