this week in Highbury…

We've got another corking Glasswerk night this Wednesday, at our usual gaf in Highbury. The Teachers have flown in for the night and have decreed that attendance is compulsory. So be there unless you want detention. First three to email mail get free guest list.

The Teachers

“The story of The Teachers has been fondly recounted throughout the length of the country, be it in a bar, around a campfire, in a school playground or office canteen, in a prison or church, by a sage-like grandfather or favourite aunt. Like all the best tales it is a true story that has touched the heart and soul of many people. However, as so often happens in these cases, the passing of time and the multitude of versions have led to a somewhat distorted account, with many conflicting ideas as to how this phenomenon that is The Teachers first came into being.

Now the time has come to set the record straight and your raconteurs will be none other than the famed group themselves. It is a story of loyalty and deceit, friendships forged and shattered and so Machiavellian that it could only have happened in Italy, more precisely Parma…the town so long famed for its food, music and rose-tinted cover-ups of its deep-rooted corruption.”

Intrigued, the story goes on and will be revealed to all on the night. One thing is for sure, The Teachers are one of the most entertaining bands you will see in 2004. To say any more would just shatter the mystery that surrounds these Southern Europeans


Mumrah, named after the evil mummy in 1980’s children’s tv series Thundercats, were spawned in the pit of South-East London’s comprehensive school system with the inclination to herald the dawn of the century with something fresh and exciting. The year was 1999, the air was minty and the kids were alright.

Taking inspiration from diverse and inventive artists such as Mad caddies, Mr Bungle and Cardiacs, Mumrah mutated from a ska-punk band to a throbbing, thrilling, ululating combo, blasting out sonic burst of progressive punky fun, with smatterings of funk, disco, metal and more besides.

With the addition of trumpets and trombones the result is truly weird and wonderful. Mini-epics, thrashing anthems, snarling satire, Mumrah is guaranteed to bring mirth, sorrow and confusion to Highbury.

Sun Science

A kind of Nirvanish Muse after a meeting with Alice in chains…

These Londoners are second on tonight and are no strangers to the London live music circuit. If you have not come across them before then takes this opportunity to check them out.

Blackheart Trust

The Blackheart Trust came into being in November of 2003, through a mutual love of all things rawk.

Drummer Oli was raised by a friendly group of monkeys, who taught him the art of untuned sounds. Using scraps of trees as sticks, he soon became familiar with more than a mere four-four rhythm. He was taken to the bright lights of London, where guitarist James was planning world domination through the creation of computer hacking systems. Disillusioned with the world of cyberspace, he heard the primitive beats echoing from Oli’s drum kit in the depths of Leicester Square and was quickly captivated. It was here at the tube station that cabaret singer Leila was often seen by James and Oli, singing old Bing Crosby classics with her then keyboard accompanist Sebastian for spare change.

James cites 80’s metal and Elvis Costello as his main influences, whilst Sebastian (ex bassist in a goth-pop outfit) and Oli share a love of all things Pumpkins related. Pioneers such as Roxette and Busted have also been major factors. Leila is a Marvin Gaye aficionado, which may help to explain the sexual undertones evident in the Blackheart sound.

Their plan is to viciously assault the ears of as many as possible. You have been warned.

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