Shocker Rocker – Ex L7 comes back to Manchester (with her trousers on)

The US band Shocker are riding on over to the UK whooping, shrieking and shouting bare horse backed with guns ablaze and axes at the ready. For singer Jennifer Precious Finch (ex L7) it’s a long awaited return to the city which hosted the cult TV programme The Word – on which she famously dropped her trousers mid performance and performed with her knickers around her ankles. Catch them live on the 30th March @ Dry Bar, Oldham St, Manchester. Support comes from Tricky Nixon and Penny Black.

The Shocker consist of :
Jennifer Precious Finch [guitar/L.vox]
Davy Lin [L.guitar/vox]
Leah Casper [bass/vox]
Scott Quist [drums]

Based in the Los Angeles area, the Shocker is fronted by former L7 bassist Jennifer Precious Finch. The band made their debut at a party in December 2002 and the party has continued ever since. The band spent 2003 playing shows all over the the Western United States including the summer on the Warped Tour. They also recorded a mini, 7 song CD “Up Your Ass Tray” with producer DEAN MENTA (Guitarist of Faith NO More, DUH and currently with Sparks).

When the band formed in December 2002, Finch enlisted good friends Arye Shine and Lura Jones (who did double duty in their own group, THE GOLDEN BATS) and Claudia Rossi (of HALO FRIENDLIES) to back her for the first year. All parties happily lended their hand to the Shocker with the plan that at years end they would go back to playing with their own groups. “I wanted to see/feel/hear if playing in a band could still be fun and I wanted to do it without ruining anyone's else's dreams!” If it all went wrong, Arye, Lura and Claudia had their own music visions to continue with. “It was fun, better then fun!” And when the year of “experimentation” was over, FInch wasted no time finding full time partners Leah Casper, Quist, and Davy Lin to complete the Shocker family for the long haul.

2004 has much in store including tours in the U.S. and Europe, and a new full length CD.

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Shocker Rocker
Support: Tricky Nixon and Penny Black
Tue, 30th March @ Dry Bar, Oldham St, Manchester

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Ticketline :: link, Piccadilly Records, 0161 839 8008

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