Thursday, March 18th, Jabez Clegg (opposite The Academy). Part of The Oxfam Festival 2004.

For Tomorrows
The Suzukis
+ Club Moose till 2am

*SPECIAL* on Fri, March 26th, Dry Bar (next door to Night and Day Cafe)

Tsuji Giri
Naked Lounge
+ Club Moose till 2am

Just £3 before 9pm, £4 after, FREE MILKYBARS

Contact Vuz : 07970 821270, mail

tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE is a new Manchester event dedicated to putting on quality live music from around the UK, and following that with a strict “no indie-cheese” policy clubnight.

Basically the night aims to bring live music fans out of the darkness to start enjoying live bands again. But the fun doesnt stop there – after a few WKDs have been downed you can have a bloody good night and dance yer socks off at Manchester's premier alternative clubnight – Club Moose.

TGWCD returns after a storming sold-out February gig which featured stunning performances from Maupa, Lisa Brown and INDRA.

This months show sees Drowned in Sound's newest signing KAISER CHIEFS return to Manchester. Hailing from Leeds, these psychedelic indie kids know what writing a bar table thumping pop choon is all about – you may think Franz Ferdinand or even The Beatles, and you won’t be far off. Their demo caused a storm amongst the music biz and won fans at the NME and Radio1, Lamacq in particular has played the single already on his 6Music show. For a sample of the single ‘Oh My God’ (due April 5th) check out

Plus 3 FINE local acts:

For Tomorrows (link) – they are back ! They have lost a member, but have gained a 3 foot gong cymbal ! After seeing their warm up show, their emotional rock n roll is still one of Manchester's finest.

The Suzukis – * Vman's Ones to Watch* – Wiganers, far wiser than their years suggest, and are bashing out raw, British, no bollocks rock n roll.

Fraction (link) – formerly Valve but now expect ” a bigger, fuller but still subtle sound, that cues up trademark Mancunian atmospherics with compelling melodies and sweeping, orchestrated epics ” (

The Friday after is a *GWCD SPECIAL* with DISTOPHIA. “Soda Lake” recorded in just 10 hours, be seven crafty pop gems hidden under a tsunami of discordance. No verse-chorus-verse action here; more like the brutal torturing of a poor, helpless, but probably cheap guitar, the amp’s volume control, a knowing nod to Pavement’s melodies and Mogwai’s effects pedals. (Drowned in Sound). NME and Lamacq have tipped then heavily for 2004.

Plus Tsuji Giri (link) – killer dark noise a la Sonic Youth/Shellac/My Bloody Valentine, launching the volume like vats of lava into the crowd. The Giri are about to jetset off to fulfil their longtime ambition of making a Steve Albini record to do their wizardry some justice

+ Naked Lounge (link)

Both nights include FREE entry into Club Moose after the bands. Expect The Rapture, followed by Jimi Hendrix followed by , errr , summin else good.

” Is dark chocolate better than white ?”

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