JI – Jingling Jangling Rock Mo’Fo

Intense metal waves of perfumed melody and grinding rock action. Soaring vocals and heart dripping emotion cause cacophonous torrents of blind staggering fury. Funked up bass riffs distorted to a drizzling rumble leave imploding disembowelment in a reaction against mediocrity and fake rock. This JI. Welcome.

JI have rawkishly been quietly clocking up murmurs of appreciation in their home town of Liverpool and have led the way for alternative scouse music. Sounding nothing like the recent Liverpool music exports, JI are the antithesis to jangling guitars and retro styled music. Loud as you want and quiet when it matters, listening to JI is a rollercoaster ride that even the pro-goth-hating crowd can appreciate. In amongst the thrashing are subtly beautiful songs that could easily work acoustically as well as with the preferred rocking treatment they usually receive through JI.

Live is where they shine best however as the musical ingenuity is breathtaking, numbing and can leave the audience shaking with exhaustion. So it is with maximum pleasure that Glasswerk.co.uk announces that they are promoting JI’s debut UK tour. It’s finally time for JI to spread their wings and leave the JI impression on some new crowds. See them at the following dates:

3rd April – Stoke on Trent, Venue TBC
4th April – Snooty Fox, Wakefield
6th April – Mitre Tavern, Preston TBC
7th April – Manhattans, Hereford
8th April – Malsters Arms, Pontypridd
9th April – The Planet, Wolverhampton
10th April – Community Centre, Chorley

Listen to them here:

Dog – link

Bacchus – link

I Cried Help – link

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