Glasswerk caught up with Sheffield band Trap2 after their gig at Junktion 7 last week.They reckon their live sound is somewhere between Led Zeppelin and early Verve. It’s easy to see why, they have a love of loud riffery and the vocals draw on the likes of Richard Ashcroft and Ian Brown. Their live sound is unashamedly full on and rocking. I spoke to singer Mike and keyboardist Oag.

What is the most rock n roll thing you have ever done?

Oag: Dunno if it's particularly rock and roll, but I once had to break out of O'Neill's in Leytonstone at about 4am on a Sunday morning. Didn't have a f***ing clue where I was till I got outside. Tried to the smash the window with a barstool first. It wouldn't budge but eventually the door caved in, all sorts of alarms kicking off, so I grabbed a couple of bottles of JD and scarpered…
Mike: Think we'll leave it at that. My mum's learnt how to use the internet!

Where are you going to be in five years time? Sold out and playing on kids TV, in rehab, or somewhere in between

Mike: Why is playing on kid's TV selling out? Influence 'em young. That's what I say. Actually, perhaps I shouldn't say that?

Oag:Five year's time? Well, it would be nice to be critically acclaimed, but I'll settle for notch number100 or so on the bedpost instead. Rehab? Nah ? got no problem with drugs,it's a choice, innit?

What is the music scene like in Sheffield? Do you think it has any advantages over places like London?

Mike: Our best gigs to date have been in Sheffield, I think.

Oag: There's not necessarily any advantage in playing there as opposed to London, but it's certainly aslightly different kettle of fish. You can't ignore London, though. It's the place to be, and to be seen…

Mike: we play down there a lot and end up staying for the weekend, going to the indie clubs after gigs (bedrock, candybox, afterskool). it's good to go out after and get hammered with people who come and watch you, and means you get to know 'em better.

If you could be any band in history, who would you be?

Oag: Well, it would have to be Oasis I think. Not necessarily cos of the music, though.

Mike: No-one. We're Trap2 and it's all about creating our own legend. What's done is done, we're the future.

Would you ever sell out for fame, money and women on tap?
Mike : We would never sell out. We're totally for in it for the music. That's what we want people to see.

Oag: We're in it because we want to entertain. We want to play all the time. Any fame, money and women gratefully received though, obviously. Looks like a right laugh!

Do you have a rock and roll philosophy?

Yeah, for sure. To have a great time, all of the time.

The new ep from Trap2 “Sheffield Sky” is out now. More information at link>

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