Mani, Clint and Shaun Get Loaded!

The Band Agency are a familair name at Glasswerk. As well as being great friends, they have assisted in the organisation of Glasswerk gigs and events, and are always open to a new idea or concept. Get Loaded is the latest project and judging by the next line-up of DJ's, you would have to be an April Fool to miss it.

GETLOADED at Turnmills

Admission Charge: £5/£4 NUS
2-4-1 Happy Hour – 9-10pm

1st April 2004

Guest DJs: Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays/Black Grape)
Mani (Stone Roses/Primal Scream)
Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets)
Shaun Keaveny(XFM)

GETLOADED is the new massively successful monthly night at Turnmills.

On Thursday 1st April Shaun Ryder, Mani, Clint Boon and Shaun Keaveny (XFM) will be getting together to DJ their favourite tracks and make the biggest GETLOADED night so far!

The night combines a mix of Indie/Breaks/Rock and Northern Soul/ Funk. This rare approach brings all styles together under one roof and appeals to music lovers, ensuring a fun music-packed night.

GETLOADED is now on its fourth night in London and has already made massive waves in the London club scene packing out nights and creating an intimate yet buzzy night. “The biggest success story so far this year” (Nick Green – Guardian Guide)

The brains behind GETLOADED is Kav, former frontman for AKA Weave, who introduced Grooveharder nights to clubbers across the UK from 2001-2003 as a platform to showcase his band – avoiding the usual ‘toilet circuit’.

The night became massively successful amongst a wide audience including die-hard music fans for bringing big names to the decks (Mani (Primal Scream/ex Stone Roses) Wags (Happy Mondays/Black Grape), Bez (Happy Mondays), Bonehead (former Oasis guitarist), Andy Rorke & Mike Joyce (formerly of The Smiths), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets) to name just a few…

The success of Groove Harder was picked up by Turnmills in Summer 2003 and the format was taken to London to create GETLOADED.

GETLOADED is co-promoted by KAV & The Band Agency.

As of May 2004 The Band Agency will be supplying the “live element” to the nights, by bringing in top unsigned artists to play live sets. The bands will be indie/rock/ funk & hip-hop and will play music that suits the flavour of the GETLOADED nights.

The Band Agency is an innovative, not for profit organisation, which helps to develop new musical talent – and aims to bridge the gap between the industry and unsigned artists. One of these ways is by creating platforms for them to showcase their talents and raise their profiles.

This live element will offer clubbers top live music as part of this successful night.

For further information contact mail
tel: 0207 689 0903

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