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When you grow up in St Louis, Missouri, a town with a predilection for right wing politics, Christian fundamentalism and where “everyone looks like the cast of Dawson’s Creek”, life can be pretty unbearable for free thinking, spirited young people.

For the Berlin Brothers Lillian, Eve and Bosh, life became somewhat more tolerable when they formed their band, Living Things. Inspired by politically active parents with a propensity for challenging the establishment, the brothers directed their energies into writing songs that asked some serious questions about the government, the police, religion and addressed just “how fucked up the world is”. Fuelled by a diet of CNN, the internet and a resolve to make some changes, Living Things made it their manifesto to “wake the fuck up. Start asking questions. Don’t keep your mouth shut”.

Having relocating to L.A, the band showcased their incendiary lyrics and “driving, growling gut-blues”, at a handful of gigs where photos of Bush were burned and pissed on, and landed themselves a recording deal with Dreamworks shortly after arriving in the city.

Hooking up with legendary producer Steve Albini, Living Things recorded a debut EP Turn In Your Friends and Neighbours followed by their forthcoming album, Black Skies In Broad Daylight. Their message couldn’t be clearer: “It feels like the world is coming apart at the seams right now” says Lillian. “Democracy – the idea of government of the people, by the people – has become null and void. If we stay in this suspended state, if we buy into the fear, we will have died before we ever lived”. U.S foreign government, the oil industry, religion, the police, are all up for serious debate here on Living Things debut album.

Black Skies In Broad Daylight will be preceded by the single, I Owe, on April 19th, I Owe is available on Cd and and 7” vinyl. The Cd features two new tracks, God Made Hate (Non-Movement mix) and No New Jesus (demo) plus the video for I Owe whilst the 7” includes another new track, Dying For It (Dry Sessions). Living Things played their first gigs in the UK in the autumn and return for more shows in April, details to be announced shortly.

See the video for new single 'I Owe' here:

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