Jetson Jetting In

“Bands can be really shit,” explained Ali. “Live music can be so slothful and mundane. It only takes a few qualities to become an experience as opposed to being just a band. Once you can write tunes that don’t try to be too arty or too experimental, so that they don’t implode on themselves, then play it with enough confidence and self belief, it can really fucking speak to people.” Ali never wanted to be in a band. He just enjoyed living the life style that loving music provided. It was soon noticed by Ali however, that live music could be so much better.

Wise words of wisdom that belie the tender years of gut busting JETSON front man Ali Allerdyce.

Jetson have been warming the cockles of the North East for some time and following their signing to TBA Records have released their debut single – Social Hand Grenades. Media interest in this bunch of likely lads has resulted in Radio 1 airplay (very nice), The Fly and a bunch of other journo types slobbering over this whirlwind of musical frenzy including a glowing reference from the NME rep at In The City who described them as the finished article.

The growing legion of fans known as The Jetsoneers are quickly gaining legendary status for their hardcore devotion and the manic crowd surfing side show entertainment that they provide on Jetson dates – so much so that the BBC have commented on it.

Musically some say they can hear Ash. Others hear Elastica. Some even get some Blur coming through with a squeeze of early manics. Is it brit pop again? Nope, it hurts too much for that.

It’s attitude, style and on stage antics. It’s brash its loud and its proud. It’s dynamic, swaggering and compos mentis. It’s Jetson.

See them at the following Glasswerk dates:

Wednesday 5th May
@ The Dry Bar, Oldham St, Manchester. Doors 8pm

Thursday 6th May
@ The Masque, Seel St, Liverpool. Doors 8pm

Friday 7th May
@ WA1, Legh St, Warrington. Doors 8pm

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