Art Brut play Glasswerk!

When I was booking gigs back in January I realised very quickly that April was going to be a special month, and already that has proved to be correct.

We’ve already experienced the likes of drinkme, Bugwig, and The Fades, but perhaps next Tuesday’s night goes one stage further. It is with much excitement I can announce that ART BRUT will be headlining

Date: Tuesday April 27th
Venue: Upstairs at the Highbury Garage (opp. Highbury and Islington station)
Headline: ART BRUT
Support: The Paperchain Babies, Haley Glennie-Smith, Stem
Doors: 8pm. £6 entry (£5 with flyer)

“Art Brut formed whilst waiting for a train on the Isle of Wight. They had some rehearsals and then started playing some gigs, which went quite well. Art Brut are working towards World Peace, so anything that goes wrong is due to a plot against the band.”

2004 has been huge for these South Londoners. Regular airplay and a crucial lovematch with NME has made Art Brut accessible to a wide audience. It’s difficult not to fall for their simplistic yet oh-so-clever charm and while they didn’t quite achieve their aim of playing on Top of the Pops, Formed a Band went close to the top 40. Described as “A three-minute blast of clattering, art-punk perfection” by NME, it is the only song ever in the history of popular music to come up with a lyric as truly perfect as “I want to be the boy, the man, that makes Israel and Palestine get along!”

Glasswerk fell for the ‘Brut early on and when success came their way, we released the following: link.

At a time when there is a resurgence in British guitar bands, Art Brut are right up there with the best of them. It is no surprise that Art Brut is the industry buzz-word right now, and April 27th provides a unique opportunity to see them in an intimate yet quality venue. It might be your last chance.

check out their website: link

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