Liverpool based glasswerk.co.uk announce plans to launch Leeds branch

New music media promoters glasswerk.co.uk are on the move again – this time its Leeds who are to get the Glasswerk treatment.

Glasswerk.co.uk publishes the popular music website link which covers UK music as well as running regional mini websites covering local scenes and upcoming artists. So far Glasswerk has established itself in Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Wales and London and as their good reputation spreads so does the area they cover. Leeds is next on the hit list – and with good reason. Mat Ong, Site Editor, states,

Leeds is an area that hasn’t recently been tapped by the national media but creates bands that consistently break through. Recent examples include The Music, Blueskins, Embrace, The Gliterati and there are more cool bands coming through at the moment such as Kaiser Chiefs, Les Flames, Fulc, Laika Dog amongst others. What I also like is the diversity of the music. It’s not one style that predominates here – and that suits us at Glasswerk perfectly.

Running the new branch is Lee Ruddock and what he lacks in years he makes up for in tenacity, enthusiasm and love of music. Lee says this,

The reason why I want to start a Leeds Glasswerk site is because of the sheer quality of the music scene here at the moment. All you have to do is look at the bands who have come out of Leeds or from near Leeds recently. For example Blueskins, 10000 Things, Kaiser Chiefs, The Cribs etc. and there are loads of quality of unsigned bands around as well. I want to give these bands more exposure to the public and get them listening to some of the quality acts that Leeds is producing today.

The rough launch date for the new Leeds site is scheduled for late June and Leeds bands are asked to contact Lee at mail if they want to join the Glasswerk Massive.

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