SNOG Festival

This years ‘Snowdonia Nites Out Gazette’ two back to back days of fund raising festivities are to begin on,

Sunday May 2nd,

Hendre Fayre:
With an all day fayre scheduled til late afternoon featuring a variety of Arts & Crafts, Market and Food stalls, that will transform gradually into an afternoon and evening of art and entertainment both live and Dj'd.

Acoustic Stage:
Complete Control Music (link )are to host the Acoustic Stage in the courtyard (which this year is undercover). The hi-light is to be a set from the great ‘Damo Suzuki’, who’s site is amazing, and mad link (orig. of legendary 1970's band CAN) who has since successfully developed his own cult following, with support from ‘ectogram’. Others due to perform acousticly are the likes of ‘Valleum’, ‘Mim Twm Llai’, ‘Dan Amor’, etc.

Exhibited mainly in the Main room, as well as some ‘live’ art performances up on the balcony and in the long room from a collective of locally based artists working together and inspired by the music and activities/festivities to produce what could be some v interesting worxs.

The evening will then draw in the ‘Bindi Slippage’ Dance Dj’s, Oggy, faz lewis, hifigeoff & mr Marlow, backed up by a host of digitaly projected images and a ceiling adorned with rather large inflatables courtesy of link

World Music:
The long barn sees link crew performing Latin and World Music mixed sets that seem to be becoming an ever more popular feature at Hendre.

SNOG Room:
In the meantime the ever-fescant third room will be subtly brewing and bringing an eclectic mix of musical and visual media, from the likes of ‘Something Else’ (Drum‘n’Bass Dj’s) to Live acts (‘GRACE’ + guests) and Computer Music from a mixture of Dj’s and performers. Worth keeping a regular eye on this one as you never quite know what might be coming up next or for that matter what’s actually going on at that moment in time.

‘Batala Samba’, the further honed offshoot of Bangor Samba are set to play around the enclosure, as the courtyard Barbeque hots things up well into the night.

Charity Event:
The funds raised from this event will go toward ‘The Colin Reid Countryside Trust’ which sponsor and support various local and National Conservation projects, though the funds raised here (which last year exceeded expectations in raising over £1,000) are put to good use on more locally based projects.

Look out for Mr John Lawrence’s (of the infinity chimps)‘Healing Garden’ which should be around somewhere, quite likely in the corner of a field.
One man and his geo tipi.

Monday May 3rd

Brings the onset of Bangor and Anglesey’s annual ‘Give Peace a Dance’ event which after the success of last year looks to be a further evolution of that Live Music Event.

Main Stage:
An evening event set to start around 4/5pm, with a number of live stages and numerous live acts. The main stage of which is set to present ‘Gwilym Morris’(front man of the increasingly popular ‘Drumbago’), (ex. Of Gorky’s) John Lawrence & the link and special guest ‘Amy Wadge’ (link) – This years Welsh Music Award winner, will be the highlights for the main stage.

The long room is to feature a more rocky element, and set to headline are ‘Valleum’, with support from various acts including one of ‘Sain Records’ more recent acquisitions ‘Winebago’. With host Dj from Trash (the successful rock/indi night from Bangor SU).

SNOG room:
The third ‘SNOG’ should be extending it’s remit from the previous evening to play host to further live music and the ‘Panda Beats’, ‘Hebffinia’ + ‘Something else’ Dj’s a mixture of a variety of styles and musics, ranging from World to Drum’n’Bass, Dub and Latin styles.

Acoustic Stage:
The courtyard once again lends itself to more acoustic performances from a variety of local singer song writers and musicians, and as such should act as a subtle environment for the Barbeque.

Other acts are set to be heard from ‘Banda Bacana’ (Samba), Tritico (Jazz inc Brass section), and Classical performances from the likes of the ‘Cornelyn Trio’(Cellist & two violinists) & virtuoso ‘Sion Gwennalt’ (Guitarist).

Fund Raising:
The Funds raised from this event are in aid of Palestinian aid organisations
& further peace activities.
Please e-mail mail

For further information on the above events you can visit the link site.

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