Miri Madog Festival 2004

Got the Blues after the Eisteddfod? Not to worry because the Miri Madog festival 2004 will be a welcomed return to the festival calendar this year. It will be held on Friday the 13th and Saturday 14th of August at the Porthmadog sports club.

Yet again the Welsh scene big guns will be performing all weekend, which include The Keys, Meic Stevens, Anweledig, Texas Radio Band, Pep le Pew and Kentucky AFC (pictured above). It will also give the chance to see some new bands on the same stage as the old timers including Bechdan Jam, Winabego and individual sets from Sam from the up and coming band Mozz and Cate Timothy, previously in Alcatraz.

Miri Madog is an important addition to the Welsh Roc Scenes calendar. Over the years it has proven to be a community event which is important to Porthmadog as it is to Wales, which proves to be a unique experience for the audience and bands alike. And, who better to organise the line up than Dyl Mei and Gethin Evans from the award-winning promoters of ‘TEW’.

According to Gethin Evans, the festival’s band organiser,
“The festival has been organised by the bands for the punter, we’re trying to get the best of Welsh language music that everyone can enjoy. Every year people want to keep partying after the National Eisteddfod and where better place to do it than in Miri Madog, Porthmadog?”

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