Captains of Industry tour 2004


Thu, May 20th @ Jabez Clegg (opposite The Manchester Academy, 0161-272-8612)


THE GOOD LIFE (now The Permissive Society)
The Second Floor

+ NME DJ's till 2 am

Just £3 before 9pm, £4 after, FREE MILKYBARS

Contact Vuz : 07970 821270, mail

Did you miss last month's GWCD ?? If so, then you're a fool. 350 lucky punters witnessed fine performances from The Maybes, Moco, The Good Life and The VCs.

tHE gREAT wHITE cHOCOLATE dEBATE returns this month and is proud to present
The Captains of Industry Tour 2004. The Captains is a music, media and arts collective based in the UK. They are a non-profit group driven by protest and production; punk rock in ideals, but not necessarily in sound. They are the label that have already brought the frostbitten fuck-you-core madness of Iceland's MINUS.

Be prepared for:

The Good Life (link) – Now called The Permissive Society (death to The Good Life) are soon be to singing to The Captains label. They play like a collision and sound like a car wreck.

The Second Floor (link) – The Second Floor are a Manchester band that bring to mind legendary acts The Verve, Spaceman 3 and The Velvet Underground all stuck in a musical blender and served up by Jason Pierce.

Blood Valley – newest signings to The Captains label. A turbo-driven teeth-rattling outfit, a hypodermic injection of hate mainlined to a fevered heart. They are not so much dissatisfied with the current rock zeitgeist as gloriously oblivious to it.

For Tomorrows – link – For Tomorrows take 90s alternative and pop sensibilities and fuse them with indie and classic rock expansion creating a visceral and utterly seamless record adorned by intricate and distinctive shades. Illusion proves to be their greatest source of appeal and durabilty. At last! A can of lager that never runs out! []

And featuring NME DJs till the early hours.

All this for just £3 before 9pm ? We must be crazy …….

Next months GWCD is on June 17th @ Jabez Clegg

” Is dark chocolate better than white ?”

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