Oh England!

Londoners Junk TV appear to be the latest Glasswerk band to be making the headlines…

Underdogs Junk TV featuring Top corner look like the surprise Euro 2004 Song favourites with a stomping summertime England anthem “Oh England! (We're Gonna Win the Cup)”.

Junk TV (Will Kevans and Martin Riley) teamed up with The Top Corner boys (Pat Dunne and Stuboy Holland) when they were interviewed on their East End Radio show – The Top Corner. Together they decided to write the 'best football song ever' with no other motive than to try and 'blag tickets to Euro 2004' and to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

First to pick up on the Three Lions-esque belter was Chris Moyles, who played it on his Radio 1 breakfast show. At Everton the track was played to 15000 at a celebrity football match featuring The Darkness and the lads shall be playing against other celebrity teams in the coming weeks to promote the single. Littlewoods have also picked up on the track and are using it as their theme song for a TV advertising campaign prior to and during the championships. The response has been so overwhelming that the boys have had to creat their own record label, Badass Records to cope with the demand.

Now with the video completed featuring a sixties style dance troupe called The Actionette's, and a release date set of 7th June, “Oh England! (We're Gonna Win the Cup)”, looks set to be the only original contender against the FA s official cover song All Together Now by The Farm…Let the games begin!

The boys put the song's success down to hard work, dedication and underdog spirit. The whole process, from writing the song to release, has been done on a budget of zero with a gang of friends, misfits, hangers-on and a pit-bull called Blue pitching in with man and dog hours when they could. This is certainly the Euro 2004 single for the people, by the people!

Kevans says, 'Basically we did the whole thing ourselves. From writing the song during a drunken night in my flat, to making the video in the pouring rain at Piccadilly, we made it happen.' Dunne adds, “We did it with no money, just a decent group of people who believed in the idea, and pitched in when they could. We said to people we're making this song, it'll be a laugh, we'll be in the pub by 2 o'clock, and no one said no. Although Stuboy was usually in the pub by 12 o'clock.”

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