Unite Against Racism – CHANGE OF VENUE

‘The Anti-Fascist Gig The Secret Policemen Couldn’t Stop’
Liverpool Academy Sunday 30 May 2004, 6pm to 11pm

Originally planned for a Manchester venue the UNITY FESTIVAL has had to change cities at the last moment and will now be staged at the Liverpool Academy. Manchester Police refused to give the event a license, however thanks to our friends on the Mersey the event will still be going ahead. Although the location may have changed the message remains the same, that the racism of the fascist British National Party is not welcome in the North West – or anywhere else.
A spectacular bill featuring the cream of northern musical talent will entertain and encourage everybody to do what they can to stop the election of BNP leader Nick Griffin as the North West's Euro MP in the 10th June elections.

There'll be full headlining sets from Leeds' majestic THE MUSIC and Manchester songsmith BADLY DRAWN BOY as well as sets from guitar anthem merchants HAVEN, Brit rap legends RODNEY P & SKITZ and London's hippest punk-funkers BLOC PARTY.
Entry to the event will be on the basis of first through the door, up to the venue’s capacity of 2,600. Organisers have therefore arranged for 400 tickets, which guarantee entry to the event, to be made available to the people of Manchester. The tickets will include transport to and from the event with coaches departing from Manchester city centre at 4pm. Tickets can be obtained by ringing 07904816863 from 12noon on Wednesday 26th May. Tickets will be issued on a first come first serve basis and will be limited to two tickets per caller.The event is completely FREE to enter, but people will be required to contribute towards the cost of the transport!

As well as being a celebration of our multiracial and multicultural music and society, the event will form a major part of Unite Against Fascism's campaign in the North West and beyond around the local and European elections on June 10th. BNP leader Nick Griffin, who has a conviction for Holocaust denial and whose stated aim is “an all-white society”, is standing in the North West Euro-seat. Unite Against Fascism (link) is bringing together all anti-racist groups and everyone who opposes the BNP in the UK. A campaign of mass leafletting, petitioning and public meetings is calling for people to use their vote, and actively stop the BNP from gaining ground on June 10. With the PR voting systems that apply in these elections, and a probable low turnout, the BNP need poll only 10% in the Euro seat to get elected. That would mean a platform in Brussels to spread their racist poison, £100,000s in funding, and the thing they crave above all – a suited-and-booted mask of respectability to hide the skinhead haircut and bovver boot image of old. What we all do now to stop the BNP can make a real difference to whether they succeed or fail.

Music unites us, but racism divides. Come to Liverpool on May 30 to show we are the majority who love music and hate racism and fascism. Let's Unite Against Fascism!

Unite Against Fascism
020 7833 4916 / 020 7837 4522

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