Katastrophic Babes in Toyland Return as Katastrophy Wife

Cult grunge/sub pop and inspirational riot girl leader Kat Bjelland (ex Babes in Toyland – Sub Pop) returns to the UK shores with new project Katastrophy Wife. Regardless of past praises, and legions of Babes fans, this new project Katastrophy Wife has already been acclaimed by the UK press with ‘KKKK’ ratings in Kerrang, 4/5 in Big Cheese and a whole load of features and interviews. Featuring regularly on MTV2 and Radio 1 it is not hard to find the music of KW on the airwaves.

“I don’t care much about the money or record sales, so long as the music is good,” laughs Kat, shunning the notion that being the figurehead of a generation of women – and men – was commercially rewarding. “I think Babes got paid, like, once. Granted it was a big payment but when we signed a deal, thankfully it was never about the money. I’m not so good at accepting that I’m in any way influential…but I guess it is a supercool compliment when people say that to me. I’m just happy that guitar rock is around again, something soulful to cling to.”

Glasswerk.co.uk presents Katastrophy Wife in Manchester, just after their Glastonbury appearance, on the 28th June @ Satans Hollow, Princess St, Manchester. Support comes from Hooker, Purgatory State and Zero Pretties. Doors 7.30pm, £5 advance.

Tickets available through Piccadilly Records, 0161 832 1111, www.ticketline.co.uk.

Or here with no booking fee:

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