Dr Who versus ….. I Am Kloot!!!

Manchester’s I AM KLOOT have joined forces with fellow Mancunian, future Dr Who and acting legend CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON (Shallow Grave, Cracker, Our Friends In The North) for the release of their new single ‘Proof’, released on June 21st through Echo records.

Introduced by mutual friend and film maker Krishna Stott and sharing in their work a gritty northern realism, it wasn’t long before Eccleston and Kloot combined creative forces – the result is the video to I Am Kloot's new single ‘Proof’.

A magical mixture of the band's unique, yet classic musicianship, married with an intense and beguiling performance from Eccleston the video is sure to be a talking point over the next few months; proof if any was needed that I am Kloot and Eccleston rank among Britain’s great artists.

Below are streams for the new video –


I am Kloot are also set to play a one-off (already sold out) show at The Heavenly Social in London on May 24th.

See link for further details

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