The Osun Arts Foundation hits the Bluecoat

“From very far away, I heard the voice of my people. I can hear their song, wailings and radiance is their lyrics. Africa a verse space of fertile land with valiant men and fertile women, a continent endowed with natural resources and good things of life…”

Music and dance are fundamentals to the Africans way of life. Beyond a simple means of artistic expression, dances are sacred, holding deeply symbolic meanings and significance. The Osun Arts Foundation seeks to celebrate and preserve these ancient traditions.

Ibadi is a dance of unity and oneness. Africa has got different ethnic group, languages, beliefs, culture and customs, but the one certain thing that really unites Africans together, is the dance, which centred on the waist. It is a general phenomenon in Africa that dancers centred mostly on the waist, and there is no way how you can really do African dance without wiggling. This major element that has really united Africans and accepted generally is our repertoire called IBADI.

Devised by Oladimeji Adisa, the Co-ordinator and Artistic Director of Osun Arts, Ibadi is a powerful performance combining rhythms, vocals, acrobatics, poetry, dance and drama. The show is a delight to all the senses, featuring elaborate costumes, energetic drumming and tight dance routines.

The show is currently touring the country. In Liverpool, the full show of Ibadi is being performed only at The Bluecoat Arts Centre on the 12th of June.

Bluecoat Arts Centre
12th June 2004
Tickets £7
Bookings 0151 707 9393

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