Glasswerk Liverpool Announcement

Glasswerk Liverpool Reaches a Milestone

Stop the press because if you have been involved in the Liverpool music scene for the last 3 years or even been an idle observer of the rising fortunes of all things scouse and musical you will have noticed that has been at the centre of all things noise related. Well after 30 months of weekly showcases (doesn’t time fly) and over 150 gigs have announced that they are finishing their regular Thursday night @ The Masque/Barfly in Liverpool. This Thursday 24th June 2004 will be the last weekly Glasswerk Liverpool showcase.

Shock, horror, despair. These feelings are understandable but don’t misunderstand, isn’t going away. There will still be top notch, heart thumping, raw, inspiring musical performances promoted by these music maestros – it just won’t be a weekly event anymore.

Chief Booker Mat Ong states,

“It’s been an enjoyable two and a half years with high points and low points – but mostly high’s. We have done our job at promoting some excellent new bands in Liverpool with some absolute stormers of gigs but all good things must come to an end. It’s time for to move on and do some other things and its time for the next generation of promoters to shake their thing and keep the Liverpool scene alive.” is still going strong with all the other areas coming up to full speed (London, Manchester, Nottingham, Wales) and with Leeds joining the fray on August the 1st.

Liverpool editor Ricky Cheung states,

“Liverpool will always be our base camp and we will continue to promote excellent events and bring the best new bands to Liverpool as well as cover the local scene with reviews and news. We are still the most ardent supporter of new music in Liverpool.”

This Thursday’s showcase, 24th June, will be the final curtain on a momentous gig night that has helped Liverpool regain its musical strength and breed a whole new society of music industries in scousland. Playing are Intermajic, Djenifus, Karma Destination and Blue Monkey. Doors are at 8pm and there is also a big screen showing the England v Portugal game.

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