Beasties Back in the Borough

Back once again, the Beastie Boys have a new album for your aural delectation. To the 5 Boroughs is out now on CD and 12″ vinyl

“They've gone and made an album worthy of NYC. And in doing so defiantly proved that, like New York, they are very much still in the game” **** – Observer Music Monthly

“It's golden age hip-hop all the way… the Beastie Boys continue to reign” **** – Kerrang!

“The Beasties are re-imagining hip-hop… Culturally and stylistically the real Five Boroughs are a million miles from our lives. The Beastie Boys' true genius is that they make them sound just like home” 8/10 – NME

“It's a thrillingly minimalist affair – old school breaks cut with bee sting synth bass lines… as treasured a New York institution as Central Park” – Time Out

Features the single Ch-Check It Out….

“Riding a super-heavy breakdance bounce that'll provoke knee-knocking good times from the jump off, the whole thing is a call to party that's an arm wave from being utterly, gorgeously irresistible… The g-guvnors are b-back, d-dammit!” – Single of the week, NME

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