Breeding Disloyalty

It's been 2 years since the mammoth Household Name Records 'No Gods No Sponsors' tour which took 8 bands on a 24 date tour in July 2002. Now 6 bands again will be jotting around the UK for 38 days in June & July 2004 on the 'Breeding Disloyalty' Summer tour.

There will also be a release of a 17 track compilation CD 'Breeding Disloyalty – Campfire Songs For The Disruptive Element' featuring the top-of-the-notch of the world's punk/hardcore bands. The CD will be available free with Big Cheese Magazine's June issue, and will be released through the shops at the end of July.

The cd has already been reviewed:


and the gig details have already been listed:


so to make sure you are all completely in the picture, here's a list of the bands/tracks on the cd

Tracks –
1. Five Knuckle – Not In My Name
2. Adequate Seven – Gotta Stay Focused
3. The Peacocks – Older Than Punk
4. The Filaments – Sick Joke
5. Leftover Crack – Operation M.O.V.E
6. Antimaniax – In Front Of Our Eyes
7. Belvedere – It's Hard To Look Cool With Your Head Up Your Ass
8. The Foamers – Erase All The Mistakes You Made
9. G.A.S Drummers – Recrastuon Of Myths
10. Ye Wiles – Microwave Meals And Ideals
11. Lightyear – Life Jacket Water Wings
12. Redlightsflash – Saving my Time
13. One Fine Day – N.O.D 60332451
14. Howards Alias – Song For A Friend
15. Captain Everything! – There is no “I” in Scene
16. Da Skywalkers – Where Do We Go?
17. John Holmes – The Big Silence

You can get more info at: link

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