Glasswerk presents a very special night at The Rescue Rooms on Thursday July 15th. This evening will be a showcase of some of the best noisemongers that Nottingham has to offer. For your delectation we are happy to present:

THE HELLSET ORCHESTRA “an 8-piece ensemble comprising of organ/vocals, bass, drums, cello, 2 violins, clarinet and a laptop.They provide the soundtrack to a silent theatrical discotheque.”

THISISTHEWAYTHEWORLDENDS “a kinetic noise groove fusion with staccato beats and ceaselessly ending bass lines…this band make complexity accessible. Imagine Radiohead and Muse getting together round Thom Yorke’s house and having a big jam”

AMONG THE MISSING “imagine a whole bunch of followers, happy to be tranquilized, sent flying into a jet stream of musical preposterousness, only to take pleasure in being splattered against a wall”

LEGION OF DOOM “the name says it all. Expect rock and lots of it”

Doors are at 8 and all this musical splendour can be yours for a mere £3.00 on the door.

So come and support not just glasswerk and the Nottingham's vibrant music scene but also some of the most exciting bands in Nottingham at the moment.

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