Unsigned? Read This……

It’s the 2004 ‘The Unsigned Guide’ release. It’s not a quick fix but if you wanted a book to give you all the contacts you needed in one easy flick then this is it. It has over 600 pages of comprehensive directory listings for record labels, management, press agents, studios, equipment hire, venues & promoters, CD duplication and tons of other stuff that will help you take your band where you want to go (it includes UK road maps).

You are in a band. You know your music is good – but what next? Whether you are looking for first gigs, booking tours, looking for a manager or chasing the rainbow for a record deal, The Unsigned Guide will tell you who to contact and how to do it. It’s not giving you theories from crusty old music layers about the way the business works if you have lived and worked in the industry for 25 years; it’s about offering simple down to earth advice with comprehensive contacts for all areas of the industry.

Shit, you have a gig tomorrow and your amp has blown, you have no PA, no transport, no flyers printed, no CDs to give away and no t-shirts to sell. Well you might want to cancel the gig, but if you want to soldier on and not disappoint the fans who are eagerly awaiting your performance then just look up where the nearest equipment hire company, the best PA and engineer, van hire, printers, CD replication and merchandise shop are.

Specifically targeted to the North West it literally contains everything to do with music in this windy and wet area of the UK we call home however it also gives you nationwide coverage in case you find yourself some where else, fancy playing somewhere further than the M6 or have exhausted all the music industry in the NW.

Don’t think that because you work in the music biz you know it all. That you know everyone and couldn’t possibly be better contacted. Even if you’re an old cynic this book will offer you invaluable contacts for all areas of the industry from top to bottom, from left to right.

You can purchase one of these majestic books from the website www.theunsignedguide.com or via there order line 0161 907 0029 for a mere £31.50. How can you put a price on industry contacts?

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