No more blues for Nu Blues

The big news this week for Glasswerk Band Nu Blues is that they have reached the top of the Glasswerk chart. An awesome achievement, and their page can be found at:


Obviously of lesser importance…

Nu Blues has signed a multi-year record contract to US label 21st Century Blues Records (based in New Orleans, Louisiana).

The record label was founded by Chris Thomas King who starred in the film “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” alongside George Clooney & also won a grammy for the soundtrack.

Chris has pioneered the Blues Hip Hop style for over 10 years and discovered nublues earlier this year and immmediately offered them a recording contract.

The album will be released in September 2004 in the US and Europe – it will also be released in France later in February 2005 on the Dixie Frog label. An interesting fact is that nublues are the first UK blues band to sign a US deal in 22 years!!!

The band have a website a

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