Double Barrelled Ear-Gun – Cadium + Day With Mary

Out with the old and in with the new
Line up loudly and form a queue.
Die or be post-summer-emo-rock-core;
Be there and say you saw
The twin turbine that is
Something a little more in the biz
Of anything less than
Total trash, thrash, lash
Rock and Gash.

Cadium and Day With Mary causing noise havoc around the UK – September 2004.

Noise pop inflected thrusting duo touring, double headlining rock/emo/post-hardcore bands, CADIUM and DAY WITH MARY, off to the UK for a crunch and a dance. Summer’s out, schools in – time to bring it home; your home.

Roster buddies – they share and share alike – two of the loudest bands this side of the North/South divide, are off to share the wealth as they release themselves from such inconveniences as full time education and pesky jobs. New releases are planned for both with Cadium going into studio with Ace (ex Skunk Anansie) in October as well as supporting Katastrophe Wife (ex Babes in Toyland) on their winter tour in the same month. The results of this recording will be available at an undetermined date sometime in 2005 to be released by someone hard more than likely.

Day With Mary have just recorded their debut single which will be previewed on tour and is set for release late 2004 on Glasswerk Records – with a major deal lined up for 2005 (it’s a hush hush scenario right now).

Dates are as follows:

1st September – upstairs @ The Garage, London *
4th Sept – Dublin*
8th Sept – Blu Bar, Ryhl
10th Sept – Winnington Wreck, Winnington ^
11th Sept – Cellar Bar, Blackburn ^
13th Sept – Café Zapta, Berlin, Germay*
14th Sept – Mudd Club, Berlin, Germany*
17th Sept – Fubar, Southport
18th Sept – Chorley Community Centre, Chorley ^
19th Sept – ITC, Dry Bar, Manchester ^
20th Sept – The Shed, Leicester
21st Sept – The Office, Swansea
22nd Sept – The Welsh Harp, Gloucester
23rd Sept – Malsters Arms, Pontypridd
24th Sept – The Planet, Wolverhampton
25th Sept – The Duke, Neath
26th Sept – 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
1st October – The Krazy House, Liverpool*
3rd October – Barfly, Liverpool – Supporting Dopamine (Golf Records) #

*Day With Mary only
^ with Kite (Reel Noise Records – Norway)
# Cadium only

See for more info: : link : link : link

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