Glasswerk In The City – LINE UP AMENDED

The schedule and full line-up for the biggest fringe event of In The City 2004 is ready to be announced., the underground independent promoter, has brought together an astonishing collection of artists from around the UK and beyond, combining quiet and loud, from rock to indie, metal to punk it’s all being housed under one roof from the 17th Sept to the 19th Sept at the Dry Bar, Oldham St, Manchester.

60 bands on two stages, Friday evening, Saturday day and night and Sunday day and night. It’s a monstrous indoor line-up with a mix of upcoming signed and unsigned acts, media darlings and under recognised artists – all picked from past bills and events from the past year.

Friday: Big Stage
11.15pm – B*movie Heroes
10.30pm – Flamingo 50
9.45pm – Hooker
9pm – Harem Pilots
8.15pm – Hard-Fi

Friday: Small Stage
11pm – Bingo Jesus
10.15pm – Skankt
9.30pm – The Trickster
8.45pm – Geek Girl
8pm – Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Saturday: Big Stage
9pm – Maupa
8.15pm – The Suzukis
7.30pm – Steve Kennedy
6.45pm – Marlin
6pm – Lyca Sleep
5.15pm – The Second Floor
4.30pm – The Maker
3.45pm – King St Hobo
3pm – Seven Hours
2.15pm – Haylie Glennie-Smith

Saturday: Small Stage
9.15pm – Leaf
8.30pm – Starla
7.45pm – Lord Bishop Rocks
7pm – 28 Costumes
6.15pm – The Randoms
5.30pm – The Hype
4.45pm – The Reverend Coyote
4pm – Tramp Attack
3.15pm – Red Star Ritual
2.30pm – Toxic

Sunday: Big Stage
11.15pm – Art Brut
10.30pm – Malibu Stacey
9.45pm – Kite
9pm – Lovecraft
8.15pm – For Tomorrows
7.30pm – FULC
6.45pm – The Id
6pm – The Lucida Console
5.15pm – Kimeera
4.30pm – Xi
3.45pm – The Beat Poet
3pm – Four Leaves
2.15pm – Silvasurfa

Sunday: Small Stage
11.30pm – Distophia
10.45pm – A Million Pieces
10pm – Day With Mary
9.15pm – Die So Fluid
8.30pm – Cadium
7.45pm – The KBC
7pm – ACCK
6.15pm – Hatemale
5.30pm – Novello
4.45pm – The Hustle
4pm – Kram
3.15pm – Free Mojo
2.30pm – Mary Wanna Smile

For full schedule and for more information on each artist (including biogs, photos, music and weblinks) go to the Glasswerk In The City Website – link

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